Here, at San Leandro Braces, Our staff provides complete orthodontic care with the highest standard of treatment.


Mission Statement

The purpose of our office is to enhance the quality of life of the most important visitors in our office- our patients. Uncompromised, exceptional orthodontic treatment outcomes are what fulfill our goals of enhancing self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall dental health. We are committed to creating beautiful smiles for every patient, while exceeding expectations during the process.


Dr. Hosseini

Doctor Amir Hosseini graduated from University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, CA in 2010 where he was awarded his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Before he went on to complete his Orthodontic residency program at Roseman University in Henderson Nevada, he completed one year of internship there. He graduated with his Orthodontic degree in 2016.

Doctor Hosseini has a very strong foundational knowledge about Orthodontics and pays extreme attention to details. His goal is to give his patients a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile. To achieve that goal he finds the best path possible to help his patients and walks them through the path to reach the goal in a comfortable, efficient, and affordable manner.

When he is not caring for his patients, you can find Doctor Hosseini spending time with his family in Alamo CA. He also enjoys traveling and soccer. He is a big fan of wrestling and follows the games and championships very closely.

He plans to marry his better half , Arezoo, very soon.

Dr. Bruce Carter


Dr.Carter was accepted into the USC orthodontic program after only three years of dental school, and then earned his M.S.D award, completing a thesis on the causes of 'root resorption' . He served two years in the United States Air Force, began his practice of orthodontics in Castro Valley, and has been a practicing orthodontist in the East Bay since 1968. Dr.Carter has been active in the Southern Alameda County Dental Society, including serving as President, and is a Fellow in the American College of Dentists. Dr.Carter enjoys the close contact with his patients, and enjoys the mutual sense of creating a successful result. Neither his skills nor his pleasure in treating orthodontic patients have declined over the years. Dr.Carter ``more than`` fills his free time with piano playing, singing, running, gardening, theatre and musical concerts.


Office Coordinator

Jasmine is the first person to greet you as you enter our office. She does not have an official job title because there is no title to describe all that she does. She is here to make your visits with us run smoothly. She runs the phone lines, schedules your visits with our office, handles insurance inquiries, helps in planning your treatment which would also include the financial portion that comes with it. Jasmine looks forward to building relationships with patients and making their treatment more eventful each visit. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys family vacations, being outdoors, and binge watching Netflix.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Paola is our amazing orthodontic assistant and plays a big role in all your visits. Working alongside with Dr. Hosseini, Paola's goal is to ensure quality patient care, she will guide you through your braces progress and always answering any concerns and questions you may have. She express joy in witnessing how a smile transform patient's lives. In her free time, Paola loves spending time with her two young children and watching the walking dead or Netflix.

  •   Short story: Dr. Amir Hosseini and his staff are a godsend and I am so grateful to have found this place. If you are looking for a smart, skilled, personable, orthodontist and team who has your best interests at heart and who can give you the results you're looking for: Look no further than San Leandro Braces and Dr. Hosseini. You (and your teeth!) will not be disappointed. I could not recommend them enough.

    Longer story: My wedding was planned for September and decided now was as good as a time as ever to get orthodontic work done (a small gap had been forming in my front and a had a few spacing issues in my side teeth)

    I looked at options like invisible braces and went to an appointment at Smile Direct Club where they quoted me for Invisalign-type braces, but I wanted a second opinion. I'd received Dr. Hosseini's information from my old dentist as he didn't focus on Orthodontia. I called SLB's office and had an appointment THAT SAME DAY to come in for a consult.

    I was warmly greeted by the staff when I arrived ,and as I sat down in the chair, I told Dr. Hosseini about my trip to Smile Direct Club that left me cold. He was sympathetic to people wanting to use these companies, but for true dental work to get the best precise results, an orthodontist was best as those companies do everything "online".

    After examining my teeth, he told me that, in his opinion, Traditional Braces, not Invisalign, we're his recommendation as I had some corrections that needed to be made that Invisalign could not fix. I flatly said no because, as mentioned earlier, I was getting married in five months, and I didn't want Braces in my engagement session photos. #Vain

    He sighed, very comically, and said, "Okay. We will give you what you want." But as I went through the process of getting molds of my teeth, he told me stories of his patients, patiently explained the pros and cons of Invisalign versus traditional Braces. Told me that if i trusted him, he could get my teeth to where they needed to by in time for my wedding. That using the alternative would take longer.

    What he said made sense. Plus, Invisalign was actually MORE expensive than traditional braces. Dr. H was coming at this from a purely helpful perspective. Legit, five minutes away from being done with the pre-Invisalign process, I changed my mind and decided to go with traditional braces. And they were able to get done the same day. He knew how sensitive I was to having the braces "show", and was present the entire process.

    I saw results with a couple of weeks. My gap closed almost immediately. My bite is now normal, and my smile looks so much better! For my engagement session photos, Dr. H helpfully took out the metal rods in my braces. And re-inserted then at the start of the following week. In my photos, you can barely even tell I have brackets on my teeth. (I've attached a photo below)

    I have two friends who have been on Invisalign for months and they said their biggest gripe was how slowly the process moved, and I thank Dr. H and his team for suggesting the best orthodontic plan for me that fit my wedding timeline. His staff does their best to fit you in the schedule and find times that work of you. And their waiting room has enough activities and toys to entertain even the most wily kids.

    And bonus: There is ALWAYS parking!

    thumb Toy G.
  •   Dr. Hosseini is an excellent orthodontist. My daughter completed her phase I orthodontic treatment with a different provider and it was disastrous. We came to San Leandro Braces for a consultation for Phase II treatment around August 2016 when my daughter was 11 years old. Dr. Hosseini is such a blessing to us because he developed a treatment plan that was perfectly suited for my daughter whose challenge is likely a class III malocclusion.

    During the first telephone contact, we received a reminder call and clear instructions on what to expect, and what to bring. We asked about the waiting time and how long we should expect to be there. They assured us that they usually run on schedule.

    Upon arrival to the first appointment, my daughter and I were greeted with a friendly smile by the receptionist. She checked my daughter in and provided me with the appropriate documents to sign. We were called to the back almost immediately after I finished filling out the forms.

    We were brought to the exam room. Dr. Hosseini introduced himself, talked about his education and experience in the orthodontic field, examined my daughter's teeth, bite, and alignment. He was friendly and had good manners. My daughter reported feeling extremely comfortable with him. He was informative and thorough. After a clear explanation of his clinical opinion, he recommended that she receive treatment as soon as possible.

    We went home to think about it, and initially, we were going to get another consultation from an orthodontist about two minutes away from our home. We scheduled the appointment, but eventually canceled it because my daughter felt that she wanted services from San Leandro Braces, Dr. Hosseini.

    We made an appointment to get her braces put on. The appointment was set for two days later. Seriously, setting appointments was and still is so easy!

    When we arrived, my daughter was seated immediately. Dr. Hosseini came and greeted us personally. He shook our hands and asked about our day. He's very personable! Every step of putting on the braces, Dr. Hosseini was sure to inform my daughter of what he was doing. She wasn't nervous at all.

    We have been seeing him monthly. He's trying many different techniques to help prevent her from becoming a class III. He's also trying to avoid jaw surgery. This is a doctor who sincerely cares for his patients wellbeing. He is absolutely not about money. He's in this business to help people improve their smile and confidence.

    I highly recommend him without reservations! Please contact me should you have any questions.

    thumb Trish T.
  •   Well I got my braces off today and I couldn't be happier! Dr. Hosseini is awesome! This whole process has been nothing short of amazing! He kept me up to date at each visit and thoroughly explained each step along the way. I finally have the smile I have always wanted and my only wish is that I would have found him sooner.  I can now smile without putting my hands in front of my mouth for fear of someone looking at my teeth. Dr. Hosseini you gave me back my smile and my confidence!

    thumb Vee S.
  •   I almost made the mistake of getting my procedure done at Western Dental. I'm glad I took my time and did my research. I had two different consultations-and I was told I needed to have surgery to fix my teeth! So far they are turning out great without surgery.  I highly recommend Dr. Hosseini he is always patient and knows exactly what he is doing. Jasmine always schedules my appointments when they are convenient for me and there is no wait, his office is newly remolded with video games for my kids, so they love coming with me.

    thumb Heidi G.
  •   I took my daughter in last year for a consult. I got what I would describe as an overused copy of a quote for $4k-$5k. I know each company covers different stuff for their insurance so that was red flag number one. But I had already decided I would get a pre auth before the work would be done this year. This year I also provided them my ex husbands insurance which is an HMO and mine is a PPO. I asked for a revised amount and for it to get pre authorized. They came back with another vague quote saying it would be $2450. I asked how much each insurance is covering. They said that was HMO only. I asked about PPO and was told that HMO was primary and PPO isn't but then after I said that's not how it should work based on birthdates if insured they came back a week later showing a bit over $2k and this time it was a true pre authorization showing work to be performed. I then asked about the HMO since this covers PPO only and was told they wouldn't cover anything since the PPO covers more than what the HMO would. Then I was told this didn't include special appliances and it would be another $1k. A few hours later I get a call from my ex husband saying we should take our daughter somewhere else because he felt they were trying to scam us. He sent me a copy of the pre authorization the insurance sent him and it clearly said our portion due was $1050.

    thumb Tracy R.
  •   Dr. Hosseini was extremely kind during our first visit. He was truly professional and answered all questions and concerns with no hesitation (we could tell that he has many years of experience). His confidence and dedication to his work made us feel confident that he would correct our daughter's bite. Our daughter was so comfortable with him that she was excited to start treatment. Dr. Hosseini left a lasting impression on us that we trusted him with our daughter's smile and immediately knew that he would do an amazing job!

    My wife and I are so pleased with the service Dr. Hosseini and his staff provided for our daughter this far. We are fortunate to have discovered San Leandro Braces, as we have received thorough information regarding her treatment during each visit. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Hosseini makes himself available for questions and even personally called us because we didn't show up for our appointment! Oops! We forgot about the appointment, but Dr. Hosseini wanted to make sure our daughter receives adequate care, so he allowed us to come in late on the same day without penalty (no extra charge or fees). I promise you that you won't find this kind of personal service anywhere! My wife has had braces put on three times at different places. She was charged extra fees here and there (broken bracket, late more than 15 minutes, treatment went over estimated timeframe, etc). You won't have to worry about extra hidden fees with Dr. Hosseini. He's a very honest dentist.

    The price is great and the service is superior! The is a lot of safe, and free parking spaces in the back. The office is clean, renovated, and spacious.

    We highly recommend San Leandro Braces.

    thumb Stephen T.
  •   I'm glad my dentist referred us to this office for my daughters Braces.
    My daughter and I are more then happy with the service the staff and dr. Have provided us. She went in feeling nervous and came out with a smile. So far so good.
    I'm definitely recommending them to friends and family.

    thumb Ivonne V.
  •   Excellent Service and staff. Can't believe how soon I started seeing results with my teeth . THANK YOU to the Dr and the staff

    thumb Gricelda Z.
  •   I am beyond happy with the service here.
    the office is impeccable. You walk in and the receptionist has this amazing smile EVERY single time.
    The doctor is a dream! he is very nice and kind to my two kids (both his braces patients) and to me (also braces patient)

    The location is perfect and there is always parking.

    thumb Miriam L.
  •   I am beyond grateful to Dr. Amir Hosseini for my daughter's orthodontist service.She is very happy and satisfied with the excellent result.I would definitely recommend to friends and family.The place is very clean,the staff is friendly and very helpful best of all Dr.Amir Hosseini is very knowledgeable and meticulous with his work.Thank you for such a great result and wonderful experience!You guys are the BEST!!!!  Victoria C.

    thumb Victoria C.

Our Services

Orthodontics for Children

Early intervention can make orthodontic treatment easier and the end result more ideal. It is important that an orthodontist evaluate a growing child to determine their orthodontic needs and the best timing of treatment.

Orthodontics for Adults

Adult treatment is recommended for improving esthetics of your smile and the function of the bite. The goal is to create and maintain a healthy dentition throughout your life.


for patients who wish to avoid wearing traditional fixed braces may be candidates for invisalign treatment. This type of treatment is indicated for more minor teeth movements.

Fixed Appliance Therapy

We provide our patients with various types of appliances which are most appropriate for their treatment. These appliances include, but are not limited to, functional appliances, retainers, face masks, head gear, and temporary anchorage devices. Our goal is to provide our patients with appliances that would be the most beneficial additions to their treatment. With the addition of these appliances to their treatment, it can be an even more effective and efficient process.


Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation and Exam

The orthodontic consultation is the first step toward achieving your very best smile. The goal of the consultation appointment is for our staff to listen to your concerns about your smile, get to know you better and find the needs of our you goals.



Patients have a variety of options when it comes to braces. Some of which include Traditional Metal and Gold. For those who would like a more discrete look we offer the option of Clear braces.



“Our office accepts various insurances consisting of both P.P.O and H.M.O plans, including DeltaCare USA and Denti-Cal. Our staff is available to assist with any coverage or insurance questions you may have.”

Our office offers Care Credit and In office interest free financing.

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